losey directs

On the set of Modesty Blaise in Italy. Monica Vitti is joined by director Joseph Losey and Terence Stamp.

Losey directs Vitti.

modesty blaise

Dirk Bogarde!

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4 responses to “losey directs

  1. I offer you a truce.
    And a delicious breakfast.

  2. I saw ‘Modesty Blaise’ on paper it should be so much better than it is.

    • chainedandperfumed

      It’s fun though. It’s one of those movies where each actor seems to be acting in a different film. Stamp and Vitti are ridiculous but Bogarde is having a good time. And Stamp and Vitti sing at one point for next to no reason.

  3. are you sure I copied this pic from you?
    If I did, I would have mentioned you by blogname I am sure, plus, if I had found your blog back then, I would still be reading at it.
    I spent so long at your place reading macca/yoko story (just now) that you beat me back to my place where I was about to link the Stamp post to you.

    Everything about ’40 years ago’ saddens me , and right next to me I have the John Wyse Jackson book on JWL making me sad too.
    best regards, Brownie

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