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f for fields

Fields Tivoli

Poster adverting an appearance by Claude at the Tivoli Theater, Cape Town, South Africa. Circa 1905. (And below a detail of an image similar to the one on the poster. Claude used several variations on this design to promote his stage work.)


f for fields

Tammany Young, Charles Sellon (as Mr. Muckle) and Claude in It’s a Gift. Norman Z. McLeod. 1934.

f for fields

Claude with Frank Lawton and Roland Young in MGM’s production of David Copperfield. George Cukor. 1935.

santa claus

ringo, nilsson

Ringo and Harry Nilsson.

Santas of Christmas Past: James Brown, Paul McCartney and Wings, Blackie Lawless, Jean-Pierre Léaud and Nick Ray.

cute band alert

Pigpen detail

Detail of a photo of the afore mentioned The Grateful Dead to highlight Ronald “Pigpen” McKernan. Photo by Linda McCartney. 1968.


Jim Beam 1973


f for fields

Claude in You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man. Edward F. Cline, George Marshall. 1939.

cute band alert

Black Grape. 1995.

f for fields

Claude with his drinking buddy John Barrymore.

f for fields

Claude with Chester Conklin in Tillie’s Punctured Romance. A. Edward Sutherland. 1928.