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Joanna Pettet

As Miss Moneypenny and Mata Bond, respectively, Barbara Bouchet (below) and Joanna Pettet (above) adorned the James Bond spoof Casino Royale. Barbara made it mainly on the strength of a nude surfside smooch with Hugh O’Brian, most of which was snipped from In Harm’s Way; but Joanna was already a veteran of two films, including The Group. – Playboy. January 1969.

Barbara Bouchet

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Orson in Casino Royale. 1967.

the decorative sex

Barbara Bouchet in Agent for H.A.R.M. aka The H.A.R.M. Machine.

With Rafael Campos in Agent for H.A.R.M. Gerd Oswald. 1966.

casino royale

Peter Sellers in Casino Royale. 1967.

casino royale

Orgy Girls highlight Casino Royale‘s most satirical sequence, in which top-ranking officers of the world’s armed forces bid in auction for Le Chiffre’s still shots of a previous night of piece-keeping operations. Brightening the frame-up photos are Playmate-Bunny Dolly Read, London model Samantha Jewell, draped in grapes, and Tony Burnett whose face is blocked from view but whose figure reveals her qualifications as England’s leading nude model. Miss Burnett is the featured attraction of The Naked World of George Harrison Marx, a continuing smash at first-run London theaters.

casino royale

“Mata Bond (Joanna Pettet), 007 (Terence Cooper), Sir James Bond (David Niven) and Miss Moneypenny (Barbara Bouchet) find themselves trapped in Jimmy Bond’s moving fingerprint room”

“Vesper (Ursula Andress) shows Evelyn Tremble (Peter Sellers) her collection of tropical fish”

Films and Filming. May 1967.

casino royale

“Ursula Andress and Peter Sellers in Casino Royale. Resoundingly announced in advance as The James Bond joke to end them all.”

Sight and Sound. Winter 1966/7.

casino royale

“Guard girls protecting the nasty Dr. Noah, one of Woody‘s two roles in Casino Royale, include the appealingly unguarded Samantha Jewell, adjusting Tony Burnett’s bracelet.”

casino royale

In a final Playboy spoof, Terence Cooper reveals that—even in heaven—a James Bond always will find fallen angels like Samantha Jewell.

casino royale

Among the accoutrements of the Casino-headquarters is a fake gaming table hiding a secret cache of weapons; underside of the lid, is an elaborate collage of Playboy art and photos prepared especially for Casino Royale by LeRoy Neiman.