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“daris” halprin

Daria and Mark

Films and Filming. January 1969.

cute couple alert

The Getaway

Steve McQueen demonstrates what I can’t believe isn’t referred to as “The Peckinpah Touch” on Ali McGraw in The Getaway. Peckinpah. 1972.

museum piece

Look Mickey

Piece: Look Mickey. Oil on canvas. Roy Lichtenstein. 1961.

Where: National Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C.

cover art

Winter 72-3

Jeff Bridges in Bad Company. Robert Benton. 1972.

the decorative sex

Florence L. Afuma in somethimg called Du soleil plein les yeux (Eyes Full of Sun aka I Want You Now). Michel Boisrond. 1970.

catching up with the chaplins

Pay Day

Chas catches up on his reading in between takes of Pay Day. 1922.

way back

The First Still

The First “STILL” — one of a series of photographs made at Edison’s little New York studio in the Chelsea district about 1901, to illustrate a German newspaper correspondent’s feature story about the “new American art.” The production appears to have been a comedy.

project one

Project One

Films and Filming. September 1965.

a book by its cover

A History of Narrative Film

A History of Narrative Film. David A. Cook. 1979.

An important artifact: This is the book that I found in my parents’ attic as a kid that led me to get interested in old movies.

fat city

Fat City

Jeff Bridges and Stacy Keach in Fat City. John Huston. 1972.