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festival time!

Cannes 52


way back

John D Isaacs

John D. Isaacs, former chief engineer of the Southern Pacific railway, who devised the chronophotographic machines which made Muybridge famous.

dial m for murder

Dial M

Anthony Dawson and Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder. Hitchcock. 1954.

dig the critics

Sleeping Beauty

Sight and Sound. Summer – Autumn 1959.


Trouble In Paradise

Lubitsch. 1932.

catching up with the chaplins


Chas is fingerprinted by George Rossini of the U.S. Marshal’s office as his attorney Jerry Giesler looms behind. A Federal grand jury indictment charged him with violating the Mann Act and of conspiring to defraud Joan Barry of her civil rights. Chas’ life was nothing if not messy. February 14, 1944.

cute couple alert

Shearer and Thalberg

Norma Shearer and Irving Thalberg.