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way back

George Eastman

George Eastman, whose solution of the Kodak‘s problem of “roller photography” with film in 1889 produced the material which Edison needed for the motion picture.




dig the critics

September 1973

Playboy. September 1973.

cute couple alert


ZaSu Pitts and Gibson Gowland in Greed. Erich von Stroheim. 1924.


Simon of the Desert

Luis Buñuel. 1965.

f for fields

January 1909

Newspaper ads/illustrations for Claude by Claude.

Above, January 1909.

February 1909

February 1909.

Circa 1909

Circa 1909.

February 1910

February 1910.

September 1912

September 1912.

September 1912 again

September 1912.

October 1912

October 1912.

December 1912

December 1912.

February 1913

February 1913.

March 1913

March 1913.

May 1913

May 1913.

May 1914

May 1914.

June 1914

June 1914.

June 1914 again

June 1914.

catching up with the chaplins

fancy sling

Chas — his fancy sling a result of an injury incurred on the set of Modern Times — with H.G. Wells and boxer Gene Tunney on the occasion of Wells’ visit to Hollywood. December 2, 1935.

dig the critics

Film No 4 part 1Film No 4 part 2Film No 4 part 3Film No 4 part 4

A relative rave for a pre-John Yoko. Films and Filming. October 1967.

bonnie and clyde

Michael J. Pollard, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in Bonnie and Clyde. Penn. 1967.


April 1969

Coming soon: Myra Breckinridge. Films and Filming. April 1969.