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The War, The West and The Wilderness


love on the run

Love On The Run

Jean-Pierre Léaud and Dorothée in L’amour en fuite. Truffaut. 1979.

f for fields

Fields Tivoli

Poster adverting an appearance by Claude at the Tivoli Theater, Cape Town, South Africa. Circa 1905. (And below a detail of an image similar to the one on the poster. Claude used several variations on this design to promote his stage work.)


buy christ now

March 1965

Films and Filming. March 1965.

cover art

The Pharoah

Barbara Brylska and Jerzy Zelnik in Pharaoh. Jerzy Kawalerowicz. 1966.

record labels

Taking Tiger Mountain

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy). Brian Eno. 1974.

the decorative sex

Call Her Savage

Clara Bow in Call Her Savage. John Francis Dillon. 1932.

catching up with the chaplins

Chaplin, Huston

Chas with John Huston during the production of A Countess from Hong Kong. 1967.

I read this morning that Chaplin would have been Chaplin’s 125th birthday had he somehow achieved immortality. Imagine how grouchy he’d have been if he lived!

fellini directs

Federico Fellini on the set of Intervista. 1987.

pen to paper

April 1969

Films and Filming. April 1969.