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the decorative sex

Call Her Savage

Clara Bow in Call Her Savage. John Francis Dillon. 1932.

catching up with the chaplins

Chaplin, Huston

Chas with John Huston during the production of A Countess from Hong Kong. 1967.

I read this morning that Chaplin would have been Chaplin’s 125th birthday had he somehow achieved immortality. Imagine how grouchy he’d have been if he lived!

fellini directs

Federico Fellini on the set of Intervista. 1987.

pen to paper

April 1969

Films and Filming. April 1969.



“daris” halprin

Daria and Mark

Films and Filming. January 1969.

cute couple alert

The Getaway

Steve McQueen demonstrates what I can’t believe isn’t referred to as “The Peckinpah Touch” on Ali McGraw in The Getaway. Peckinpah. 1972.

museum piece

Look Mickey

Piece: Look Mickey. Oil on canvas. Roy Lichtenstein. 1961.

Where: National Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C.

cute band alert

The Temptations

The Temptations.

cover art

Winter 72-3

Jeff Bridges in Bad Company. Robert Benton. 1972.