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cover art

The Pharoah

Barbara Brylska and Jerzy Zelnik in Pharaoh. Jerzy Kawalerowicz. 1966.

the decorative sex

Florence L. Afuma in somethimg called Du soleil plein les yeux (Eyes Full of Sun aka I Want You Now). Michel Boisrond. 1970.

haven’t seen it

Elliott Gould in the tub

Photos from a Playboy pictorial for an Elliott Gould vehicle (which I have not seen) called Move. Stuart Rosenberg. 1970.

Genevieve Waite

Geneviève Waïte and Elloitt Gould in Move.



the star

The Star

Bette Davis and Sterling Hayden in The Star. Stuart Heisler. 1952.

prime cut

Prime Cut

Lee Marvin and Sissy Spacek (in her first credited role) in Prime Cut. Michael Ritchie. 1972.


Legend of the Witches. Malcolm Leigh. 1970.

haven’t seen it

Many Wars Ago, that other movie with Mark Frechette. Francesco Rosi. 1970.

haven’t seen it

The Way of All Flesh

Emil Jannings in the lost film The Way of All Flesh. Victor Fleming. 1927.