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hundred-and-thirty-six-year-old headlines

It’s back to photographing running horses for Eadweard Muybridge after being acquitted of murdering the man who was cuckolding him. February 1875.

Muybridge. Circa 1884.

This begins a new category (for which I’ll come up with a terrible name later) about the dawn of and precursors to the movies. I’ll be culling the images to be included here from Terry Ramsaye‘s 1926 bone-dry, two-volume tome A Million And One Nights, A History of the Motion Picture Through 1925.

hundred-year-old headlines

Ah the good old days. July 11, 1904.

hundred-year-old headlines

May 23, 1922.

hundred-year-old headlines

June 14, 1917.

hundred-year-old headlines

April 15, 1911.

hundred-year-old headlines

April 7, 1911.

hundred-year-old headlines

April 14, 1911.

proud peacock vies with mrs. astor for ball room sensation

Hundred-Year-Old Headlines part two: May 26, 1911.

girl’s thin hosiery is barred by judge

Newspaper item from June 2, 1911.

New feature: Hundred-Year-Old Headlines.