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on the set of

Joseph Losey on the set of The Servant with Hazel Terry and James Fox. 1963.

losey directs

Don Giovanni

Joseph Losey directs Don Giovanni. 1979.

books on film


Jeanne Moreau in Eva. Losey. 1962.

on the set of

Joe Losey

Joseph Losey on the set of Galileo. 1975.

the servant

The Servant

Sarah Miles, Dirk Bogarde and James Fox in The Servant. Joe Losey. 1963.

a book by its cover

Conversations with Losey


Joseph Losey a Revenge on Life


on the set of

Alan Bates and Harold Pinter on the set of The Go-Between. Losey. 1970.



Elizabeth Taylor in Boom! Joe Losey. 1968.


Michael York and Jacqueline Sassard in Accident. Losey. 1967.

losey directs

modesty losey

Joe Losey directs Monica Vitti in Modesty Blaise. 1966.