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pen to paper


rear Paul postcard

Came across these on eBay. Post cards from Paul and Linda McCartney. 1980-81.

front Linda postcard

rear Linda postcard

way back

First Broadway Screen Booking

This is The Letter which started the screen career of the motion picture on Broadway, at the famous Koster & Bial’s Music Hall, where the Vitascope had its premiere a month later.

pen to paper

December 73

Films and Filming. December 1973.

pen to paper

Summer 1972

A book recommendation from Joe Losey. Sight and Sound. Summer 1972.

pen to paper

January 1969

Victor C. Timmons needs to get over himself. Films and Filming. January 1969.

pen to paper

March 1975

Playboy. March 1975.

pen to paper

November 1963

I think he might be talking about this. Films and Filming. November 1963.