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What one can only suspect is an unauthorized endorsement of Filmmakers Newsletter by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. 1971.

record labels

The Slider

The Slider. T. Rex. 1972.


Hard Day's Night

Richard Lester. 1964.

that island inner sleeve

Island 1Island 2Island 3

Details of an Island Records inner sleeve. 1978.

on your sleeve

Controversial Negro

Controversial Negro. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. 1997.

cute band alert


The Congos.

rock shirt

Elvis Costello

Incredible T-shirt from Elvis Costello and The AttractionsArmed Funk Tour. 1979.

Armed Forces

Armed Funk

on your sleeve

Going Out

Going Out. Supergrass. 1996.

record labels


Odelay. Beck. 1996.

on your sleeve


Dutch Swamp picture sleeve. Talking Heads. 1983.

Swamp rear