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on your sleeve

Twelve Thirty Italy

Italian picture sleeve of Twelve Thirty. The Mamas & the Papas. 1967.

on your sleeve

French Emotional Rescue

French Emotional Rescue. The Rolling Stones. 1980.

Emotional Rescue

on your sleeve

censored Country Life

Censored sleeve of Country Life. Roxy Music. 1974.

on your sleeve

German San Francisco

German picture sleeve of San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair). Scott McKenzie. 1967.

on your sleeve

We Can't Be Stopped

We Can’t Be Stopped. Geto Boys. 1991.

on your sleeve

Rock'n' Rolling Stones

Rock ‘n’ Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones. 1972.

on your sleeve

Switched On Santa

Switched On Santa. Sy Mann. 1969.

on your sleeve


Underdog. Giorgio. 1971.

on your sleeve


Italy rear

Italian Another Day.


Japan record label

Japan rear

Front, rear and record label of Japanese Another Day.


Japanese lyric sheet.

home made

home made rear

Weird home-made picture sleeve consisting of two ads for the single cut out of a UK music weekly and pasted together. Another Day folk art bought on eBay.

Portugal Another Day

Another Day rear

Front and rear of Portuguese Another Day.

French Another Day

French Another Day rear

Front and back of the French Another Day.


Belgium Another Day.

Paul McCartney

Israeli Another Day

Front and rear of the Israeli Another Day (which is more or less the same).

German Another Day

German Another Day.

RSD 2012

RSD 2012 rear

Record Store Day release. 2012.

on your sleeve

Police and Thieves

Police and Thieves. Junior Murvin, who died yesterday at age 64. 1976.

If for some reason you’re only familiar with the title track to the above LP via The Clash’s way inferior cover, take a few minutes and marvel at the original.