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Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory. David Bowie. 1971.

The bookends of Bowie’s heyday. Does anyone know what’s up with the stickers over the RCA logos? I don’t want to brag but I bought these in a cut-out bin in Tokyo if that helps.

Scary Monsters

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). 1980.

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The Slider

The Slider. T. Rex. 1972.

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Odelay. Beck. 1996.

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Terror Twilight. Pavement. 1999.


inner sleeve

Meanwhile, look at the struggling web addresses listed on the inner sleeve of the original pressing.

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John, The Wolfking of LA

My summer jam since February: “John Phillips” (John The Wolf King of L.A.). John Phillips. 1970.

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7. Prince and The New Power Generation. 1992.

7 45

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Taking Tiger Mountain

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy). Brian Eno. 1974.