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on the set of

Sturges cake 1943

The 45th birthday cake presented to Preston Sturges on the set of Hail the Conquering Hero (which was still going by its working title, The Little Marine). 1943.

sullivan’s travels

Sullivan's Travels

Almira Sessions, Joel McCrea and Esther Howard (and that cute little kid in the row behind them) in Sullivan’s Travels. Sturges. 1941.

the power and the glory

The Power and the Glory

Helen Vinson and Spencer Tracy.

The Power and the Glory

Colleen Moore and Spencer Tracy in The Power and The Glory. William K. Howard. 1933.

the lady eve

The Lady Eve

Eugene Pallette, Henry Fonda, Robert Greig and Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve. Preston Sturges. 1941.

easy living

Edward Arnold, Jean Arthur and Ray Milland in Easy Living. Mitchell Leisen. 1937.



Sturges. 1948.

dig the critics

Films and Filming reporter Allen Eyles musters about as much of an endorsement of The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend as one could.

April 1973.

unfaithfully yours

Lionel Stander, Robert Greig, Rudy Vallee and Barbara Lawrence.

Kurt Kreuger, Linda Darnell and Rex Harrison.

Rex Harrison in Unfaithfully Yours. Sturges. 1948.

a book by its cover