rock shirt

Beach Boys

Souvenir t-shirt from when The Beach Boys opened up for Major League Baseball games. Or did the ballgame open for The Beach Boys? 1982.

Beach Boys Ballgame


Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek in Badlands. Terrence Malick. 1973.

buñuel directs

Milky Way

Luis Buñuel directs Delphine Seyrig in The Milky Way. 1969.

f for fields

Claude 05

Claude around age 25. Circa 1905.

way back

Mary Miles Minter

Mary Miles Minter — she was Juliet Shelby then — when she made her first motion picture appearance under the belligerent banner of P.A. Powers. The picture was called The Nurse.

record labels

Hurdy Gurdy Man

The Hurdy Gurdy Man. Donovan. 1968.



Anouk Aimée and Alan Scott in Lola. Jacques Demy. 1961.