on your sleeve

No Protection

No Protection. Massive Attack vs Mad Professor. 1995.


What a line up! 1988.

the stickers on records

Pink Flag

More of a stamp than a sticker, but a warning to sensitive listeners that the language on Field Day for the Sundays gets a little rough.

Pink Flag. Wire. 1977.

godard directs

Godard directs

Godard directs Anna Karina and Jean-Claude Brialy in Une femme est une femme. 1961.


Channing Pollock

Channing Pollock (above) and Francine Bergé (below) in Judex. Georges Franju. 1963.

Francine Bergé

way back

Mae Lucas

Mae Lucas — Now Mrs. B.L. Rhodes of Norfolk, Virginia — at left, and her dancing partner in the Gaiety Girls at Daly’s Theatre in New York in 1894, when Miss Lucas went to dance for the Edison Kinetoscope.

f for orson

Orson in Scotland

Orson and his walking stick in Scotland. 1953.

Citizen Cane