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mr. freedom

Mr. Freedom. William Klein. 1969.

who’s a man that we admire

buddy holly

Because I have been fixated on this recording of “Rock Around with Ollie Vee” for the past few days, Buddy Holly. Innovator, Life long smoker (though he only lived to twenty-two), singer-songwriter, rock and roller.

dig the critics

Here’s an seemingly rare favorable review for the last film that the great Preston Sturges directed, Les Carnets du Major Thompson aka The Diary of Major Thompson aka The French, They Are a Funny Race (you know, the more titles a film has, the better it generally is). By 1955, the year of this film’s release in France, Sturges was living in greatly reduced circumstances (compared to his Hollywood heyday) in Paris where someone (I forget the particulars but I’ll sort them out and add an update) allowed him to direct this film. It did nothing to restore his career. This surprisingly kind review appeared in the January 1958 issue of Films and Filming. Sturges fan that I am, I am somewhat embarrassed to report that this is his one film that I have not yet been able to see (if anyone out there knows how I can check this one out please make me aware), but it is usually dismissed as an unfortunate final act to an otherwise (more or less) great career.

diary 2

secret ceremony

Elizabeth Taylor and Mia Farrow in Joseph Losey’s Secret Ceremony.

years after the event (you are the plastic ono band)

Plastic Ono Band “Give Peace a Chance” July, 1969.

I hope you’re all sitting down while reading this because I have a major announcement to make. Just today I received in the mail a copy of a 1970 John and Yoko wall calendar (got on ebay) and I fully plan on posting one page (representing one month) per week for the next thirteen weeks (yes, the calendar has thirteen months, the last of which is a blank grid that the owner was encouraged to fill out himself). Seeing as how this calendar was originally included in the first run of the Plastic Ono Band’s Live Peace LP and is therefore 12″x 12″, it is a touch too large for my cheap scanner to handle. Fear not, I have access to a larger scanner and will do the scanning tomorrow. You all will feel like it’s 1970 on some level or other within a day or so. To hold you over, study this beautiful ad and 45 cover.


museum piece

keaton museum

Piece: (Beautifully mounted and framed) Postcards sent by Joe Keaton to his cousin Alva Keaton while traveling the vaudeville circuit.

Where: The Buster Keaton Museum in Piqua, Kansas.

Fellini’s 8½. 1963.

pasolini directs

Pier Paolo has a coke and a smile on the set of Mamma Roma in 1962.

on location

François Truffaut’s Stolen Kisses was filmed around Paris in 1968. Here are two of the locations as they appeared in the film and as they appear today.

cute band alert


The Happy Mondays are one of my favorite bands (seriously) but their videos (and some of their records) were usually woefully thrown together affairs: the band miming lazily while they stand in front of a wall. This one is probably the closest that they came to actually trying. Is there even a reference to Godard’s Two or Three Things I Know About Her? Maybe not.

two or three things

The song is one of their best too. Stay tuned for more Mondays posts.