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cover art


Robert Ryan in The Wild Bunch. Peckinpah. 1969.

f for fields

Claude with Frank Lawton and Roland Young in MGM’s production of David Copperfield. George Cukor. 1935.

a book by its cover

The sensational headlines and blood splatters on the cover give some indication that this book focuses on the more lurid aspects of Mr. Bogdanovich’s life.

the story of adele h.

Adele H

Bruce Robinson and Isabelle Adjani in L’Histoire d’Adèle H. 1975.


Shop Around The Corner


the star

The Star

Bette Davis and Sterling Hayden in The Star. Stuart Heisler. 1952.

santa claus

ringo, nilsson

Ringo and Harry Nilsson.

Santas of Christmas Past: James Brown, Paul McCartney and Wings, Blackie Lawless, Jean-Pierre Léaud and Nick Ray.

record labels

Beatles' Christmas Album

The Beatles’ Christmas Album. The Beatles. 1970.

Between the misaligned label and the fuzzy-around-the-edges type, I didn’t need Bruce Spizer to tell me that my copy of this LP is a counterfeit.




on your sleeve

Switched On Santa

Switched On Santa. Sy Mann. 1969.