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who’s a man that we admire?

David Letterman

The Game Changer is exiting the stage tonight, the greatest comedy talk show host of all time and the last true broadcaster television will likely ever know. I haven’t watched his show much in the past 20 years but his NBC show probably did more to shape my sense of humor and outlook on the world than anything else. My hero, David Letterman.

Ok, back on vacation.

cinema for sale

Cinema for Sale

Television takes its toll. Circa 1957.

trial by television

Trial by Television

Sight and Sound. May 1951.

a book by its cover

Late Night

Late Night With David Letterman: The Book. ed. Merrill Markoe. 1985.


Julie Newmar for Smirnoff



What a line up! 1988.




pen to paper

pen to paper

Twitter. October 20, 2012.


Jim Beam 1973


life or death

Hitchcock life mask

Life mask of Alfred Hitchcock made during the production of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 1962 – 65.