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preminger directs

“Bunny Otto’s missing…under the beatle wig. Producer Otto Preminger let what hair he has down for the recording session with the Zombies during the making of his new thriller, ‘Bunny Lake is Missing'”

Films and Filming. February 1966.

f for orson

March 1967.

cover art

the sennett days

Ben Turpin in A Clever Dummy. Hartman. Kerr. 1917.


Stroszek. Herzog. 1977.

dig the critic

Chicago journalist Roger Ebert with Carole Myer. 1980.

record labels

Happy Mondays. Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches. 1990. Factory Records.

A few weeks back, I got a comment on a post I did on this album’s sleeve making mention of an unused version of this cover that featured the album’s working title, Kinky Album. Here it is. Sorry about the poor quality of the image but when has that ever stopped me before?

with the beatles

BBC presenter Annie Nightingale relaxes with The Beatles. 1964.

mount vernon and fairway

The Beach Boys. Mount Vernon and Fairway. 1973.


Ad on the back of Rudy Moore‘s Below the Belt LP. On Dooto Records. 1959.