Monthly Archives: February 2011

record labels

New York Tendaberry. Laura Nyro. 1969.

bogdanovich directs

Peter Bogdanovich directs Ben Gazzara in Saint Jack. 1979.

small change

L’Argent de poche. Truffaut. 1976.

cute couple alert

Gary Cooper and Audrey Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon (in color!). Wilder. 1957.



l’année dernière à marienbad

Delphine Seyrig in Last Year at Marienbad. Alain Resnais. 1961.


Věra Chytilová. 1966.

cover art

museum piece

Item: Advertising slide for Paramount Pictures. Circa 1914.

Where: Museum of the Moving Image. New York, New York.


Peter Sellers and James Mason in Lolita. Stanley Kubrick. 1962.