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press conference

Christopher Wallace promoting Ready to Die. 1994.

more modesty blaise

modesty blaise

Dirk Bogarde and Monica Vitti.

Terence Stamp and Monica Vitti in Modesty Blaise. Joseph Losey. 1966.


Rex Harrison as Doctor Dolittle. Richard Fleischer. 1967.

the film sensation of the year!

The Girl on a Motorcycle. Jack Cardiff. 1968.

record labels

Trainspotting Soundtrack. 1996.

cover art

Jean Seberg in Jean-Luc Godard’s segment of Les plus belles escroqueries du monde. 1964.

The 1960s loved the omnibus format.

bay of angels

Jeanne Moreau in La baie des anges. Jacques Demy. 1963.

cute couple alert

May Irwin and John Rice in The Kiss. William Heise. 1896.

swingeing london

Years ago I was looking through a book in a Salvation Army or a used book store or something and the above post card fell out of the pages of the book and onto the floor. I left without purchasing the book, but not before shoving this little gem in to my pocket. The front is great, Richard Hamilton‘s Swingeing London 67, and the back is filled out and was mailed to a Madame Bavagnoli at Life Magazine’s Paris bureau in January 1971.

The only Bavagnoli who worked for Life that I can find is a Carlo Bavagnoli who took this photo and this one and I can only assume this one as well.

Here’s a better look at the message on the card.

Oh, and of course the top image depicts Mick Jagger and Robert Fraser after their drug arrest in 1967.

casino royale

Geraldine Chaplin and Dick Talmadge dressed as Keystone Cops for their uncredited cameos—probably less than five seconds of screen time and if either actually appear in the film, they’re unrecognizable—in Casino Royale. 1967.