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cover art

May 1927

Chang, a new picture made in the jungles of Siam, brings animals and natives to the screen in their natural habitats. The picture is being released by Paramount Pictures Lasky Corporation.” May 1927.

movie-slang arouses wide interest

Movie Slang

The Motion Picture. February 1, 1929.

a book by its cover

Rolling Stone. Lowell Thomas. 1931.

for your home movies

The Cine-Ansco and the Agfa Ansco.

Pamphlets for home movie equipment. 1920s.

cover art

Shriners magazine from 1927 or as it says in the inside cover, “Official Publication of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobels of the Mystic Shrine for North America”.

this is the sound proof booth

Report on the technical end of the talkies from The Motion Picture. March 1929.