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Piece: The canoe from Deliverance. John Boorman. 1972.

Where: The Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum. Jupiter, Florida.

Unfortunately, the museum closed to relocate two years ago and there seems to be no news about if or when it will reopen. In fact, the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theater doesn’t even mention its closing on its history page — you can, however, purchase a BRIFT mousepad at the website’s store (I’m seriously considering the Smokey and the Bandit T shirt that’s also available). So I wouldn’t go planning any trips to Jupiter, Florida any time soon.

museum piece

Look Mickey

Piece: Look Mickey. Oil on canvas. Roy Lichtenstein. 1961.

Where: National Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C.

museum piece

elvis face jug

Piece: Elvis Presley Face Jug #4. Fired clay with various glazes including platinum oxide by Michael and Melvin Crocker.

Where: Smithsonian American Art Museum.

museum piece

Before retouching

Piece: Elvis Presley Before Retouching to Simulate G. I. Haircut. Gelatin silver print by unknown American photographer. 1956-7.

After retouching

Piece: Elvis Presley After Retouching to Simulate G. I. Haircut. Gelatin silver print by unknown American photographer. 1956-7.

Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, NY.

museum piece


Piece: Carmencita. Oil on canvas. William Merritt Chase. 1890.

Where: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

museum piece

John Brown William Gropper

Piece: John Brown. Color lithograph by William Gropper. 1953.

Where: Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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Piece: One of five copies of the first issue of Interview Magazine included in Andy Warhol’s 21st Time Capsule—throughout his life he filled over 600 boxes with his junk and ephemera—high end hoarding! This issue of Interview features cover girl Raquel Welsh as Myra Breckinridge and boasts an interview with chained and perfumed favorite Mike Sarne.

Where: The Andy Warhol Museum, located on the unfortunately named Sandusky Street in Pittsburg, PA.

museum piece

Jannings Academy Award

Piece: The first Academy Award for Best Actor, which Emil Jannings won for his performances in The Way of All Flesh and The Last Command. 1928.

Where: Filmmuseum Berlin.

jannings oscar

museum piece

Piece: Lysandra cormion. A butterfly collected and identified by Vladimir Nabokov.

Where: American Museum of Natural History which received over 500 other specimens of Lepidoptera from Nabokov. New York, NY.

museum piece

Piece: The Green Cap. Woodcut, 23 blocks, 12 colors on paper. Alex Katz. 1985.

Where. Colby College Museum of Art. Waterville, Maine.