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press conference

At a Sony Sucks press conference, Al Sharpton tries to keep a straight face as Michael Jackson accuses Tommy Motolla of being “a mean, a racist and…very, very, very devilish”. July 2002.

Michael further takes the glove off here and here.

And here‘s a Fox News interview from the same day—notice how the anchor calls him “The Gloved Wonder” and describes him as a “multi-platinum singer” as if she were talking about Ralph Tresvant and not the person who put out Thriller. It’s predictably condescending in tone (though MJ’s claim of having just written “somebody” a check for $500 million dollars is pretty hard to believe) but Michael sort of sits the reporter down—correcting her as she misquotes him and answering her inevitable stupid 9-11 question with the stupid answer it deserved: “What are your thoughts of 9-11, being here in New York?” “I hated it; I’d hate it if it were anywhere.”

Martin Bashir was waiting in the wings.

press conference

Ringo and Harry sell the latest Apple Films masterpiece, Son of Dracula. This photo might have been taken at the film’s Atlanta premiere but I can’t find any evidence that Nilsson even bothered to turn up for that coming as it did 2 years after production on the film wrapped. Not helping matters is that Harry seemed to really like the denim on denim look so nearly all photos of him from around this time look as though they were taken on the same day. So then, possibly April 1974.

Photo credit.

press conference

Christopher Wallace promoting Ready to Die. 1994.

festival time!

Renato Castellani.

Orson Welles and Mack Sennett!

William Holden during his press conference.

Dolores del Rio and Anatole Litvak.

“Gene and Mrs. Kelly (Betsy Blair) making a rather ‘Singing in the Rain’ entrance to the ‘American in Paris’ show.”

Cannes 1952 as reported in the July-September 1952 issue of Sight and Sound. Photos by Robert Hawkins.

press conference 1965

Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot in Mexico for a press conference to promote Louis Malle’s Viva Maria. 1965.

press conference 1957

Henry FondaHenry Fonda

Sight and Sound. Summer 1957.