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museum piece


Piece: Doll, Pinocchio, ca. 1940. Figure based on the title character of the film Pinocchio. This 13″ painted wooden doll is dressed in red cloth overalls, a green shirt, and purple bow tie. The doll’s head, arms, and legs are held together inside of its torso with elastic string.

Where: Museum of the Moving Image. New York, New York.

a book by its cover

French paperback of Alberto Moravia‘s Il disprezzo. 1955.


Bride of Frankenstein writes her memoirs. 1983.

bertolucci directs

Bernardo Bertolucci and Robert Deniro on the set of Novencento. 1976.


Not to keep dwelling on this but yesterday, death, as it must to all men, came to Michael Jackson and I happened upon this picture totally by accident today. I also have an excuse to post this gem.

holy shit! michael jackson is dead

michael jackson is dead: A pop culture Nine Eleven

I can’t say that I saw this one coming. King of Pop dead at age fifty.

gangster lean

stanley kubrick is incommunicado

New feature either to be called Mail Bag or Pen to Paper! This letter (and its answer) appeared in the June 1972 issue of Films and Filming. Above is an illustration by Jan Parker from the Spring 1966 issue of Sight and Sound.