Monthly Archives: February 2010

a book by its cover

She changed her mind. Gloria Swanson. 1980.

i am not going to write my memoirs

Sight and Sound. Spring 1969.

last music hall tour

Sight and Sound. Winter 1961-2.

sunset blvd

Sunset Blvd. Billy Wilder. 1950.

the decorative sex

Dominique Sanda. 1972.

Dominique Sanda in Une femme douce. Robert Bresson. 1969.

In The Conformist. Bertolucci. 1970.

five more pictures of bowie

Part two: Hunky Dory era.



haven’t seen it

Beggars of Life. William Wellman. 1928.

on your sleeve

Wire. I Am The Fly. 1978.

acting tip

From Sight and Sound. December 1950.