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even more zabriskie point

gimme shelter

“Brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, why are we fighting?”

Gimme Shelter. 1970. David Maysles, Albert Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin.

“Altmont was the culmination of a long series of bad trips in the Rock world and its perhaps perfect matching of the most sinister figures in American and British Pop cultures, The Hell’s Angels and the Rolling Stones is one of those master strokes of history beyond the invention of any fiction writer or film-maker…Bravo, you measly brothers! You’ve captured on film the epic of a self-destructive generation.”
Albert Goldman, The New York Times

what’s wrong with being sexy?

warrant cherry pie

Hair metal also-rans Warrant know how to treat a lady.


Update: I forgot I had found this picture too. It’s pretty unfortunate. I sort of like how at least the two suits/management types are at least somewhat half-hearted in doing whatever it is that one calls that gesture. Someone must have forgotten to tell that guy in the front.

years after the event (john and yoko september 1970)

john and yoko september image

John and Yoko as Paul saw them in BMI Recording Studio. Photo by Paul McCartney.

I’m sort of hitting a snag here because my John and Yoko calender (perhaps all of these John and Yoko calenders) has a mistake in it where the month of April repeats. I also wonder if that is supposed to read “EMI Recording Studios.” Nothing but the best from Apple Records. Here’s April again I guess.

april 1970

Here are two different versions of Lennon’s “Nobody Told Me,” one is a home demo, the other is a studio outtake.

gish dean

Lillian Gish and James Dean share a page. 1956.

bea arthur is dead

National treasure and bawdy old broad Bea Arthur died today at 86. She’s gone, as dlisted so perfectly put it, “to the great big lanai in the sky.” Here‘s an obit.

overblown and silly

All hail Macca’s 1973 James Paul McCartney TV special!

Recorded during February and March 1973 and produced for ITV in the UK and ABC in the States, the James Paul McCartney TV special originally aired in the US on Monday, April 16, 1973. Someone has finally put this on youtube in its entirety and it is actually not that bad. The songs performed range from among Paul’s best (“Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Heart of the Country” and, um, “C-Moon”–yeah, I like that one) to among his absolute worst (“Mary Had a Little Lamb“). Watching it is a good way to kill an hour even if you’re only in it to gasp at the various hairdos and fashion missteps (how could McCartney go from being one of the most fantastically dressed people on the planet circa 1968 to dressing like the fullblown dipshit that he did a few years later?) but there are also some really surreal for prime time television moments the likes of which would never fly today (see the oddball interpretation of “Admiral Halsey”–oh, and, dare I say it, Linda looks kind of hot in the opening of that one too).

More with-it critics were predictably unimpressed with Melody Maker saying “McCartney has always had an ear and an eye for full-blown romanticism, and nothing wrong with that, but here he too often lets it get out and hand and it becomes overblown and silly.” When asked to comment, Lennon was surprisingly kind, “I liked parts of Paul’s TV special, especially the intro. The bit filmed in Liverpool made me squirm a bit. But Paul’s a pro. He always has been.”

I think that this is an outtake from the show. Paul singing “Heart of the Country.”

James Paul McCartney TV Guide

the sennett days

Chester Conklin with Mack Sennett Bathing Belles in a 1917 comedy.

live europaturnén mcmxcvii 2

live in Köln

In case you missed this live Pavement LP sold on Record Store Day, I got you. And here‘s the one that came with last year’s pre-order.

live europaturnen mcmxcvii

sturges directs

Preston Sturges on the set of The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek in 1942. The film’s release was held up for two years.

In this unused publicity still, Trudy imagines herself “in the situation.”

Betty Hutton, Bill Demarest (why he didn’t get an Academy Award or at least a nomination for this one–or Conquering Hero–is anyone’s guess) and Diana Lynn.

“Little river needs big dam.” McGinty and The Boss.

Sturges, Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken