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hip hopper

Hip Hopper

“Dennis Hopper in Night Tide (1961), set in Venice, California. Suspense blended with discreet poetry, it is about a sailor who meets a mermaid.”

postcards from main street

Record shopping today I bought another copy of the Stones’ Exile on Main Street LP. This copy included some (but sadly not all) of the postcards that came with the first run of record and here they are:

A 1990s CD booklet included reproductions of these cards. My reaction to them then is pretty much the same as my reaction now, “what the fuck is this all about?” Must’ve had to have been there.

smooth criminal

I found some 1930s mug shots at an estate sale over the weekend. This guy was picked up for larceny and forgery of a government check. He was thirty-one years of age at the time of his arrest on September 4, 1937.

vintage jam (these guys are still around edition)

Mower. Superchunk. 1993.

rich millionaires

Preston Sturges, Claudette Colbert and the Ale and Quail Club. Palm Beach Story. Sturges. 1942.

the maysles direct

“The Maysles brothers, David (holding recording equipment) and Albert (with camera) filming a discussion between Elia Kazan and Arthur Miller for a television programme ‘Theater of Tomorrow.'” September 1963 issue of Films and Filming.

Included in the same issue, and on the same page, is this mention of the beginnings of Liza Minnelli’s film career.

years after the event (john and yoko thirteenth month 1970)

thirteenth month



thirteenth detail

Home demo of “Good Morning Good Morning”