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vintage jam

Back That Azz Up. Juvenile. 1999.

vintage jam (costello channels the beach boys edition)

The Other Side of Summer. Elvis Costello. 1991.

vintage jam (5 on it edition)

I Got 5 On It. Luniz. 1995.

vintage jam

Start Choppin. Dinosaur Jr. 1993.

record labels

Echo Dek. Primal Scream. 1997.

vintage jam (about a year ago edition)

David Guetta feat. Akon. Sexy Bitch. 2009.

Update: It occurs to me that I should maybe explain why I included this so off-topic post. For some reason, late last night I came across this making-of video of this David Guetta/Akon video and found it to be the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. I’m not sure what I got the biggest kick out of, was it the way that Akon introduces the song as “Sexy Bi-yatch” and then the words “Sexy Chick” flash on the screen? Or was it Guetta’s over-the-top foreign wife? (I wonder what that lady dreams about.) Or was it the director who demanded “slow motion horny, erotic things”? Or maybe it was seeing the words “pool party” come across the subtitles twice. It almost definitely was the endless buildup to Guetta getting thrown into the pool. (I wonder if his phone was in his pocket when that totally spontaneous moment finally happened.) Or maybe it was the way that that tramp-stamped sexy bitch chick wrote “find me at pool party” on Akon’s mirror. Or maybe it was that whenever I hear the name Akon, I remember that that dude owns a diamond mine. Whatever it was I stand by the post. A simply incredible bit of video.

vintage jam (in my head all day long edition)

I woke up with this in my head yesterday and it stayed there all day. Nine Three shit.

vintage jam (these guys are still around edition)

Mower. Superchunk. 1993.

vintage jam (this is hardcore edition)

Because I finally got the LP reissue of This is Hardcore in the mail today,–you know, the one that I ordered in February (thanks Plain Recordings, you really dropped the ball on this one)—here‘s the video for Pulp’s This is Hardcore. In my opinion, this is pretty much the best pop video out there. And seeing as how the video embedding is “disabled by request” (thanks a lot Island records, very forward-thinking of you), I’ve substitued the video with a bunch of “outakes” from the LP’s sleeve. These (poorly scanned by me–someone repaired for me the Ed McMullin style staples-in-center one—thanks, dude) pics were included in the booklet that came with the reissue of the CD a few years ago. So, yes, I’ve bought this record (or received it as a gift) at least three times.

vintage jam (one-off edition)

This was some hot stuff just over a decade ago: a one-off Daft Punk side project single that went by the ultracamp name Stardust. This track was a hit, particularly in the UK where it went to number two in the charts. (Yes, kids, this kind of goofball shit was at one time taken seriously.) To my knowledge, Stardust went out on top and thankfully didn’t throw together a quicky LP to capitalize on their single song success.

nine eight shit