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pen to paper

pen to paper

Twitter. October 20, 2012.

1930s autographs


I can’t recall how I ended up on a vintage autograph collector/dealer’s site but ended up there I did. What we have here are a handful of pages from an autograph book complied during the 1920s and 30s by a Harold Shell, an autograph hound and president of the Helen Mack fan club. He ended up with a pretty nice pile of signatures. Check this site for more. There’s a Houdini on there too.

Colleen Moore, Betty Compson

Lilyan Tashman

Norma/Constance Talmadge


Thelma Todd

Jean Harlow

a patchwork of flesh

Now usually I don’t do this, but here’s a pretty groovy site that I’d like to call to your attention. It’s called A Patchwork of Flesh and encourages readers to create Frankenstein’s Monster-related artwork and send them in. Once received, the Frankenstein creations are posted on the site. Brilliant!

I might break out some markers or some shit to make a Frankenstein this weekend. If the results are not terrible I’ll post them here before mailing them to Patchwork of Flesh headquarters. Watch this space—maybe.

As long as I’m namechecking sites that I dig, I’d be remiss to not mention Popcorn and Sticky Floors who were kind enough to add me to their roll and while doing so give me a far-too-kind write up. They do good things so check them out.



This is my hot new blog. It’s called chainedandperfumed. I’m not sure what direction this will go in but I figure that I’ll post from time to time. Posts will probably be about music, movies, television, maybe books if I get to reading any good ones, definitely old magazines and shit that I find online and on ebay. Pictures and videos will probably feature. So thrill-a-minute stuff, then. I’ve yet to decide if I will¬†write these posts as if I am addressing a large and loyal audience or not. ¬†End introductory post. Oh, and if this site doesn’t allow nudity, this blog will be moved to a site that does.