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dig the critics

Sight and Sound. May 1950. (If you can’t read that tiny, tiny print click to enlarge.)

festival time!

Jean-Luc Godard and Richard Roud at the New York Film Festival. 1963.


Frederick Wiseman. 1967.

record labels


fassbinder directs

Rainer Werner Fassbinder directs Bernhard Wicki and Dirk Bogarde in Despair. 1978.



guinness as hitler

Alec Guinness as Hitler.

Guinness with director Ennio De Concini, while filming Hitler: The Last Ten Days. 1973.

Adolf Hitler as Hitler.

brando and james dean

Brando and his last year’s talent wearing his last year’s wardrobe on the set of East of Eden. Elia Kazan. 1955.

brando and his double

Brando poses on location in St. George, Utah with his stunt double, Paul Baxley, after Baxley was dragged through mud for a scene in The Appaloosa (aka Southwest to Sonora). Sidney J. Furie. 1966.

ray and kurosawa

Satyajit Ray and Akira Kurosawa (with Michelangelo Antonioni off in
the distance there on the right-hand side) visit the Taj Mahal. Circa 1977.