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Films and Filming. January 1968.

haven’t seen it

The Way of All Flesh

Emil Jannings in the lost film The Way of All Flesh. Victor Fleming. 1927.

cute band alert


The post-Ice Cube lineup of N.W.A. with The Fresh Prince, Will Smith! Circa 1991.



Elizabeth Taylor in Boom! Joe Losey. 1968.

books on film

The Brat

Sally O’Neil in The Brat. John Ford. 1931.

fahrenheit 451

Julie Christie and Oskar Werner in Fahrenheit 451. Truffaut. 1966.

way back

Mabel Normand, with John Bunny, at left, and Jimmy Morrison, in one of her first screen appearances, “Trouble and Secretary” at Vitagraph — after that came Biograph, Keystone, Sennett and fame.”

what’s wrong with being sexy?

M Piccoli

Michel Piccoli in Le Trio infernal. Francis Girod. 1974.

Click here for an uncropped version of this image with an explanation via original caption.

f for fields

Claude with Chester Conklin in Tillie’s Punctured Romance. A. Edward Sutherland. 1928.

on your sleeve


Mauvaises Nouvelles des ├ętoiles. Serge Gainsbourg. 1981.