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the american dreamer

Dennis Hopper on the set of The Last Movie as featured in the documentary The American Dreamer. L.M. Kit Carson, Lawrence Schiller. 1971.

easy rider

Spoiler alert!

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Hopper. 1969.

cute couple alert

Daria Halprin and Dennis Hopper.

The former Mrs. Hopper came up on Alec Baldwin’s podcast this week when Alec’s guest Dick Cavett mentioned that his interview with Daria and Mark Frechette on his ABC show was among the worst of his career. Only Cavett doesn’t recall either of their names and refers to them (accurately) as “whoever the lout was who was the male lead in the movie Zabriskie Point and his non-verbal girlfriend”.

Their appearance on Cavett has been discussed here in the past and remains pretty entertaining and is worth a look if only to ponder that ill-fitting dress that Halprin is wearing. Check this out for more from Cavett and his interview with the Zabriskie Point stars. It’s particularly great when he tells Mark Frechette to fuck off posthumously.

dennis hopper’s dead

Dennis Hopper dead at age 74. Obit here.

Hopper and Captain America in Hopper’s Easy Rider. 1969.

daria halprin strikes back

While looking for something else, I came across these photos of our dear friend Daria Halprin in one of her two non-Zabriskie Point roles, 1972’s The Jerusalem File.

Because I am doing next to no “research,” I’m having a hard time sorting out the particulars on her departure from and return to Hollywood but according to a more poorly-written than most wikipedia entry, Halprin decided to leave the commune and found conditions in Hollywood tolerable enough to make one more film for “the man” before jacking it in and leaving the film biz forever—let’s assume she went to another commune. Our relative loss was, I’m sure, the commune’s gain. (And let’s not forget about that child that she had with Hip Hopper whom she was married to from 1972 until 1976. Could you imagine calling those two mom and dad?)

This film apparently isn’t in the thoughts of many as it has only sixteen votes on imdb (it’ll never join the illustrious likes of The Dark Knight and Shawshank Redemption on the imdb top two hundred and fifty that way!) and it seems as though it was never released for home consumption in any format. Anyway, here are the pics. I have no idea what my fixations with this Halprin chick or her groovy anti-establishment Zabriskie Point costar are all about but fixations exist. I’m pretty sure that they are comic fixations though. Having said that, since my initial viewing of Zabriskie Point, I’ve probably watched it five times since. It’s a love hate relationship I have with that flick.

UPDATE: While re-reading this post this morning (typos galore! What was I on last night?), I realized I never looked for a pic of The Hopper/Halprin Connection (as I hear they liked to be called). Found one! A charming couple.

hip hopper

Hip Hopper

“Dennis Hopper in Night Tide (1961), set in Venice, California. Suspense blended with discreet poetry, it is about a sailor who meets a mermaid.”