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a trip to the moon

A Trip to the Moon

Voyage dans la Lune. Georges Méliès. 1902.


Jim Beam 1973


happy thanksgiving

2Pac Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American visitors.

Above, Tupac, flanked by Danny Boy and Suge, pardons a turkey in a parking lot somewhere in California. 1995.

smooth criminal

Steve Pudlock

Larceny and Forgery at 23. Arrested September 2, 1911.

cute couple alert

Gould and Jennifer Bogart

Elliott Gould and Jennifer Bogart. Circa 1973.

sullivan’s travels

Sullivan's Travels

Almira Sessions, Joel McCrea and Esther Howard (and that cute little kid in the row behind them) in Sullivan’s Travels. Sturges. 1941.

what’s wrong with being sexy?


Mötley Crüe.

dig the critics

Polly Maggoo

Sight and Sound. Winter 1967-68.

on your sleeve

Father to a Sister of Thought

Father to a Sister of Thought. Pavement. 1995.

on the set of

The Christian Licorice Store

“Director Jean Renoir plays a feature role in The Christian Licorice Store. He is seen here with co-star Maud Adams, director James Frawley and co-star Beau Bridges.” –Films and Filming. April 1970.