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Ringo front

Ringo back

Two Ringo Starr t-shirts. Circa 1974.

Goodnight Vienna front

Goodnight Vienna back

rock shirt

TRL Tour

TRL Tour shirt. 2001.

TRL tour detail

TRL Tour back detail

rock shirt

Stiff Records

Stiff Records promo shirt. Circa 1977.

rock shirt

Beach Boys

Souvenir t-shirt from when The Beach Boys opened up for Major League Baseball games. Or did the ballgame open for The Beach Boys? 1982.

Beach Boys Ballgame

rock shirt

Aerosmith black and yellow

Aerosmith. 1974.

Aerosmith 74

rock shirt


Impossibly beautiful Janet Jackson shirt from her Janet tour. 1993.

rock shirt

Elvis Costello

Incredible T-shirt from Elvis Costello and The AttractionsArmed Funk Tour. 1979.

Armed Forces

Armed Funk

rock shirt

Zeppelin 77

Led Zeppelin tour shirt. Looks like a bootleg to me. 1977.

Zeppelin Tour

rock shirt



Paul Stanley/Kiss. 1987.

Sorry about the quality of the photos on this but it seems that this is as good as the ebay sellers who photographed this shirt could do and the image was too good to pass up. (Also, the shirt at top can be purchased on ebay for $50 if you can fill out a 1987 XL which is probably like a medium by today’s standard. Seems like a reasonable price to me.)

Paul Stanley

rock shirt

Introducing a new category (with a particularly uninspired title) on rock and roll T-shirt designs. First up, Thurston on Titus.