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McCartney New Cube

Ridiculous light-up cube that came with initial copies of Paul McCartney’s most recent LP if purchased at the FYE chain of record stores. While supplies lasted, I’m sure. 2013.

McCartney New Cube  2

promo only

Bugs Bunny Dark Horse

What’s this you’re wondering? Oh, just a lapel pin depicting Bugs Bunny riding the Dark Horse Records logo. It sort of makes sense considering that Warner Brothers Records was the longtime parent company of Beatle George‘s vanity label. According to the eBay seller who listed this item (and also took the lovely photo you behold), it was produced some time in the early 1990s.

Belt Buckle

Above is a mid 1970s era Dark Horse Records belt buckle that looks like it was produced with a little more care than the lapel pin. Two-hundred of these were created for Harrison to give out to friends and family.

promo only

Warner Brothers Soul

Warner Brothers Records promotional sticker. Circa mid 70s(?).