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Carol Channing in Skidoo. Otto Preminger. 1968.

cute couple alert

Michel Piccoli and St├ęphane Audran in Wedding in Blood. Claude Chabrol. 1973.

the stickers on records

Wingspan: Hits and History. Paul McCartney and Wings. 2001.

enrico directs

Robert Enrico directs Brigitte Bardot in Boulevard du Rhum. 1971.

the sennett days

More Sennett bathing beauties. 1918.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

Forgive me for being more than a little excited about Light in the Attic Records‘ forthcoming Lee Hazlewood reissue campaign which got a soft kick off this past Saturday with the release of a double LP worth of Lee that looks and sounds just fantastic. The image above is what they chose for the cover which shows that they find absolutely nothing wrong with being sexy. Light in the Attic have already announced an absurdly affordable reissue of this limited edition LP to keep those who went without from being at the mercy of the enterprising individuals on ebay who take advantage of post-Record Store day demand, desperation and delusion. Well done, Light in the Attic, now get to work on the rest of those Lee LPs.


Gregory La Cava. 1936.



cover art

Jeanne Moreau in The Bride Wore Black. Truffaut. 1968.

on your sleeve

Je t’aime… moi non plus. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. 1969.

Portugese press of a Gainsbourg cover. Je t’aime by Sounds Nice.

French repress(?) of Comic Strip.

I came across this cassette—described by the ebay seller as a Jane Birkin demo—while looking for these 45s. It was priced at $70.00.