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UK Space Oddity

Bowie singles bonanza. All images are from ebay so the scans/photos aren’t mine. Blame the sellers and look at the horrifying prices people are paying for all things David Bowie.

Please enjoy.

Above, the UK Space Oddity. 1969.

Dutch Space Oddity

Dutch Space Oddity.

Portugese Space Oddity

Portuguese Space Oddity. Issued after 1969.

Yugoslavian Space Oddity 1976

Yugoslavian Space Oddity. Issued after 1969.

German Space Oddity

German Space Oddity. Issued after 1969.

UK Space Oddity 1983

UK Space Oddity. It seems as though many or most of Bowie’s singles were reissued in the UK after the success of Let’s Dance. 1983.

Italian Prettiest Star

Italian Prettiest Star. 1970.

German Holy Holy

German Holy Holy. 1971.

Spanish Holy Holy

Spanish Holy Holy.

French Changes

French Changes. 1972.

U.S. Starman

US Starman. 1972.

Italian Starman

Italian Starman.

French Starman

French Starman.

French John, I'm Only Dancing

French John, I’m Only Dancing. 1972.

Spanish John, I'm Only Dancing 1980

Spanish John I’m Only Dancing. Issued in 1980.

UK John I'm Only Dancing 1983

UK John, I’m Only Dancing. 1983.

Spain Jean Genie

Spanish The Jean Genie. 1972.

Yugoslav Jean Genie

Yugoslavian Jean Genie.

German Jean Genie

German Jean Genie.

UK Jean Genie 1983

UK Jean Genie. 1983.

German Drive In Saturday

German Drive-In Saturday. 1973.

Yugoslav Drive In Saturday

Yugoslavian Drive-In Saturday.

Portuguese Drive In Saturday

Portuguese Drive-In Saturday.

Spanish Drive in Saturday 1976

Spanish Drive-In Saturday.

Dutch Drive In Saturday

Dutch Drive-In Saturday.

UK Drive In Saturday

UK Drive-In Saturday. 1983.

French Time

French Time. 1973.

Dutch Let's Spend The Night Together

Dutch Let’s Spend The Night Together. 1973.

Brazilian Let's Spend The Night Together

The Brazilian Let’s Spend The Night Together is a beauty. 1973.

UK Life On Mars

UK Life on Mars. 1973.

Spanish Life On Mars

Spanish Life on Mars.

Portuguese Life On Mars

Portuguese Life on Mars.

UK Life On Mars 1983

UK Life on Mars. Issued in 1983.

French Sorrow

French Sorrow. 1973.

German Sorrow

German Sorrow. 1973.

Spanish Sorrow

Spanish Sorrow. 1973.

German Sorrow 1981

German Sorrow. “Re-release” issued in 1981.

UK Sorrow 1983

UK Sorrow. 1983.

German Rebel Rebel

German Rebel Rebel. 1974.

Dutch Rebel Rebel

Dutch Rebel Rebel.

French Rebel Rebel

French Rebel Rebel.

Japanese Rebel Rebel

Japanese Rebel Rebel.

Australian Rebel Rebel

Australian Rebel Rebel. Seems like a later issue to me.

UK Rebel Rebel 1983

UK Rebel Rebel. 1983.

Turkish Rock n Roll Suicide

RCA released Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide while waiting for the Diamond Dogs LP to be delivered. The track awakened the artist in whoever designed this Turkish sleeve. 1974.

French Rock n Roll Suicide

French Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide.

UK Rock n Roll Suicide 1983

UK Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide. 1983.

Spanish Diamond Dogs

Spanish Diamond Dogs. 1974.

French Diamond Dogs

French Diamond Dogs.

German Diamond Dogs

German Diamond Dogs.

Japanese Diamond Dogs

Japanese Diamond Dogs.

UK Diamond Dogs 1983

UK Diamond Dogs. 1983.

Yugoslavian Knock On Wood

Yugoslavian Knock on Wood. 1974.

German Knock On Wood

German Knock on Wood.

Spanish Knock On Wood

Spanish Knock on Wood.

UK Knock On Wood 1983

UK Knock on Wood. 1983.

Japanese Young Americans

Japanese Young Americans. 1975.

German Young Americans

German Young Americans.

Spanish Fame

Spanish Fame. 1975.

French Fame

French Fame.

Italian Fame

Italian Fame.

UK Fame 1983
UK Fame. 1983.

German Golden Years

German Golden Years. 1975.

Japanese Golden Years

Japanese Golden Years.

French Golden Years

French Golden Years.

UK Golden Years 83

UK Golden Years. 1983.

Dutch TVC 15

Dutch TVC 15. 1976.

Japanese TVC 15

Japanese TVC 15.

UK TVC 15 83

UK TVC 15. 1983.

UK Suffragette City

Suffragette City got a belated single release to promote Changesonebowie. 1976.

German Suffragette City

German Suffragette City.

French Suffragette City

French Suffragette City.

German Sound and Vision

German Sound and Vision. 1977.

Dutch Sound and Vision

Dutch Sound and Vision.

Belgium Sound and Vision

Belgium Sound and Vision.

Japanese Sound and Vision

Japanese Sound and Vision.

Spanish Sound and Vision

Spanish Sound and Vision.

Japanese Be My Wife

Japanese Be My Wife. I always really loved this one. 1976.

Spanish Be My Wife

Spanish Be My Wife.

Dutch Be My Wife

Dutch Be My Wife.

Belgium Be My Wife

Belgium Be My Wife.

UK Be My Wife 83

UK Be My Wife. 1983.

German Heroes

German “Heroes”. 1977.

Australian Heroes

Australian “Heroes” EP.

Dutch Heroes

Dutch “Heroes.”

French Heroes

French “Héros.”

German Helden

German Helden.

UK Beauty and the Beast

UK Beauty and the Beast. 1978.

Dutch Beauty and the Beast

Dutch Beauty and the Beast.

Belguim Beauty and the Beast

Belgium Beauty and the Beast.

UK Beauty and the Beast 83

UK Beauty and the Beast. Issued in 1983.

UK Breaking Glass

UK Breaking Glass. 1978.

Belgium Breaking Glass

Belgium Breaking Glass.

Dutch Breaking Glass

Dutch Breaking Glass.

UK Breaking Glass 83

UK Breaking Glass. 1983.

UK Boys Keep Swinging

UK Boys Keep Swinging. 1979.

Dutch Boys Keep Swinging

Dutch Boys Keep Swinging.

German Boys Keep Swinging

German Boys Keep Swinging.

French Boys Keep Swinging

French Boys Keep Swinging.

Japanese Boys Keep Swinging

Japanese Boys Keep Swinging.


UK DJ. 1979.

UK DJ 1983

UK DJ reissue. 1983.

Dutch Yassassin

Dutch Yassassin. 1979.

Dutch Alabama Song

Dutch Alabama Song.

UK Alabama Song

UK Alabama Song.

French Alabama Song

French Alabama Song.

Yugoslavian Alabama Song

Yugoslavian Alabama Song.

Another German Alabama Song

German Alabama Song.

German Alabama Song

Another German Alabama Song.

Japanese Alabama Song

Crystal Japan, B side of Alabama Song upgraded to A for the Japanese market. 1980.

USA Ashes to Ashes

US Ashes to Ashes. 1980.

Dutch Ashes to Ashes

Dutch Ashes to Ashes.

USA promo Ashes to Ashes

US Ashes to Ashes promo.

Australian Ashes to Ashes

Australian Ashes to Ashes.

German Ashes to Ashes

German Ashes to Ashes.

UK Ashes to Ashes

UK Ashes to Ashes.

UK Fashion

US Fashion. 1980.

Japanese Fashion

Japanese Fashion (Actually as a B side to It’s No Game – No. 1).

UK Scary Monsters

UK Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). 1981.

German Scary Monsters

German Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).

US Up the Hill Backwards

US Up the Hill Backwards. 1981.

UK Up the Hill Backwards

UK Up the Hill Backwards.

German Under Pressure

German Under Pressure. Queen and David Bowie. 1981.

French Wild Is the Wind

French Wild Is the Wind. Released as a single to promote Changestwobowie. 1981.

German Wild Is the Wind

German Wild Is the Wind.

US Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

US Cat People (Putting Out Fire). 1982.

UK Let's Dance

UK Let’s Dance. 1983.

Japanese China Girl

Japanese China Girl. 1983.

German China Girl

German China Girl.

Dutch China Girl

Dutch China Girl.

German Modern Love

German Modern Love.

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