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The Sweet Body of Deborah

The Sweet Body of Deborah. Romolo Guerrieri. 1968.


The Reivers

The Reivers. Mark Rydell. 1969.



on the set of


Luchino Visconti and Alida Valli on set of Senso. 1954.

cover art

Summer 81

Memoirs of a Survivor. David Gladwell. 1981.

haven’t seen it

The Woman Eater. Charles Saunders. 1958.

The Revenge of Frankenstein. Terence Fisher. 1958.

Fiend Without a Face. Arthur Crabtree. 1958.

Day the World Ended. Corman. 1955.

Warning from Space or Mysterious Satellite. Koji Shima. 1956.

Invasion of the Saucer Men or Invasion of the Hell Creatures. Edward L. Cahn. 1957.


Swedish Wedding Night


haven’t seen it

Kid Blue 4

Here’s a weird Dennis Hopper vehicle called Kid Blue that time seems to have forgotten. I’ll let the plot summary from Films and Filming do the explaining:

Kid Blue 5

Kid Blue 3

Hopper and Warren Oates.

Kid Blue 2

Original caption: “Preacher Bob (Peter Boyle) shows Bick how an aerocycle works”

Kid Blue 6

Boyle shouting.

Kid Blue 7


Kid Blue 8

Hopper and Oates.

Kid Blue 9

Janice Rule and Hopper.

Kid Blue 10

Jay Varela, Hopper and José Torvay.

haven’t seen it


Elliott Gould and Joe Bova in Who? Jack Gold. 1973.


The Andromeda Strain. Robert Wise. 1971.