Monthly Archives: March 2012

huston directs

John Huston directing Fat City. 1972.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

Head Games. Foreigner. 1979.

this is the sound proof booth

Report on the technical end of the talkies from The Motion Picture. March 1929.

cute couple alert

Warren Beatty and Vivien Leigh on the set of The Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone. 1961.


Raoul Walsh. 1949.

the stickers on records

King of America absolutely polluted with stickers. Elvis Costello. 1986.

double feature

Lady in Cement. Gordon Douglas. 1968.

The Secret Life of an American Wife. George Axelrod. 1968.

cover art

Russ Meyer directing.

on your sleeve

Just Another Night. Mick Jagger. 1985.