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the concert for bangladesh

George Harrison and Bob Dylan in The Concert for Bangladesh. Saul Swimmer. 1972.

dig the critics

Films and Filming. January 1969.

record labels

Some Time in New York City. John Lennon and Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band with Elephant’s Memory and Invisible Strings. 1972.

Postcard included in album’s original release.

on your sleeve

Portugese edition of Sour Milk Sea. Jackie Lomax. 1968.

Govinda. Radha Krishna Temple. 1971.

Try Some, Buy Some. Ronnie Spector. 1971.

ravi shankar is dead

Ravi Shankar

Sitar master and long-term George Harrison collaborator Ravi Shankar, who brought “world music” to the 1960s rock festival circuit, died yesterday at age 92. Here’s an obit.

Ravi in India

In India. Photo by George Harrison. 1966.

Dark Horse Ravi

Ravi goes Hollywood: with Peter Sellers and George Harrison during the Dark Horse Tour. 1974.

the stickers on records

Straight Up. Badfinger. 1971.

on your sleeve

Wedding Album. John Lennon and Yoko Ono. 1969.

press conference

Ringo and Harry sell the latest Apple Films masterpiece, Son of Dracula. This photo might have been taken at the film’s Atlanta premiere but I can’t find any evidence that Nilsson even bothered to turn up for that coming as it did 2 years after production on the film wrapped. Not helping matters is that Harry seemed to really like the denim on denim look so nearly all photos of him from around this time look as though they were taken on the same day. So then, possibly April 1974.

Photo credit.


Wonderwall Music. George Harrison. 1968.

on your sleeve

Portuguese My Sweet Lord. 1970.

French My Sweet Lord. 1970.

Japanese My Sweet Lord. 1970.

German My Sweet Lord. 1970.

India My Sweet Lord. 1970.

Portuguese What Is Life. 1971.

German What Is Life. 1971.

Belgian What Is Life. 1971.

Japanese What Is Life. 1971.

French What Is Life with spelling mistake. 1971.

Bulgarian Bangla Desh. 1971.

Japanese Bangla Desh. 1971.

French Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth). 1973.

Italian Give Me Love. 1973.

U.S. Ding Dong, Ding Dong. 1974.

Yugoslavian Ding Dong, Ding Dong. 1974.

Portuguese Ding Dong, Ding Dong. 1974.

Japanese Ding Dong, Ding Dong. 1974.

French Ding Dong, Ding Dong. 1974.

Rear of Japanese You. 1975.

Dutch You. 1975.

Japanese This Song. 1976.

Spanish This Song. 1976.

U.S. This Song. 1976.

German This Song. 1976.

U.K. Crackerbox Palace. 1977.

Portuguese Crackerbox Palace. 1977.

U.S. Blow Away. 1979.

U.S. Faster. 1979.

Spanish All Those Years Ago. 1981.

Italian All Those Years Ago. 1981.

Japanese All Those Years Ago. 1981

U.K. Teardrops. 1981.

Japanese Wake Up My Love. 1982.

Japanese Dream Away. 1983.

Beatle George’s contribution to the Porky’s Revenge! soundtrack, I Don’t Want to Do It. 1985.

German Got My Mind Set on You. 1987.

U.K. Got My Mind Set on You. 1987.

U.S. promo 12″ Got My Mind Set on You. 1987.

Swedish picture disc Got My Mind Set on You. 1987.

Rear of When We Was Fab 7″ box set. 1988.

Brazilian When We Was Fab. 1988.

U.S. When We Was Fab picture disc. 1988.

Japanese When We Was Fab. 1988.

U.S. This Is Love. 1988.

Beatle George’s contribution to the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack, the fairly excellent Cheer Down. 1989.

U.S. Any Road. 2003.

As always all images are from ebay.