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love ’em and leave ’em

Love em and Leave em

Louise Brooks in Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em. Frank Tuttle. 1926.

pen to paper

Spring 59

Sight and Sound. Spring 1959.

on your sleeve

Tribute to The Lady

Tribute to the Lady. Sam Cooke. 1959.

on the set of

Billy Budd

Peter Ustinov on the set of Billy Budd. Ustinov. 1962.

cinema for sale

Cinema for Sale

Television takes its toll. Circa 1957.

the stickers on records

Goats Head Soup

Stickers on a radio promo of Goats Head Soup. The Rolling Stones. 1973.

trial by television

Trial by Television

Sight and Sound. May 1951.

dinner at eight

Dinner at Eight

Wallace Berry and Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight. George Cukor. 1933.

cover art

Spring 1959

Alec Guinness and Bette Davis in The Scapegoat. 1959.


Last Tango Around the Turntable

Odd Last Tango in Paris-inspired ad for Empire turntables. 1973.