Monthly Archives: August 2011

deniro and strummer

Robert DeNiro and Joe Strummer. 1979.

bacall and mrs niven

Lauren Bacall and Hjördis Niven inspecting the UK David Niven postage stamp. 1986.

resnais and stan lee

Alain Resnais and Stan Lee. Films and Filming. July 1973.


Sean Connery in Goldfinger. Guy Hamilton. 1964.


Nicholas Ray. 1954.

cute couple alert

Jean Harlow and Jimmy Stewart. Wife vs. Secretary. Clarence Brown. 1936.

special offer

Joe Dallesandro. 1972.

modesty blaise

Dirk Bogarde.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

Iron Maiden.

festival time!

Bette Davis at San Sebastián Film Festival. 1989.