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muhammad ali is dead

Ali Foreman

Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali, pictured above after knocking George Foreman flat on his back, died yesterday at age 74.

who’s a man that we admire?

David Letterman

The Game Changer is exiting the stage tonight, the greatest comedy talk show host of all time and the last true broadcaster television will likely ever know. I haven’t watched his show much in the past 20 years but his NBC show probably did more to shape my sense of humor and outlook on the world than anything else. My hero, David Letterman.

Ok, back on vacation.

the stickers on records

Lee Hazlewood seal

Weird seal sticker on Requiem For An Almost Lady. Lee Hazlewood. 1971.


The War, The West and The Wilderness


project one

Project One

Films and Filming. September 1965.

rock shirt

Introducing a new category (with a particularly uninspired title) on rock and roll T-shirt designs. First up, Thurston on Titus.




who’s a man that we admire

Tom and Vance

Tuesday is about to become Wednesday for the last time tonight in Newbridge, New Jersey as broadcasting great (and a man that we admire), Tom Scharpling brings the glorious 13-year, 562 episode run of The Best Show on WFMU in for a landing. If you aren’t a listener, you’ve been missing out (and some of my posts over the past few days may have left you scratching your head). Tonight is your last chance to listen live. Do so on WFMU, East Orange; WMFU, Mount Hope; WNYX, Montgomery; worldwide on the worldwide web at and in Rockland County at 91.9 FM.

steamboat bill jr

Steamboat Bill Jr

Buster Keaton and his old man, Joe, in Steamboat Bill Jr. Charles Reisner. 1928.

pen to paper


Brownlow strikes again. Sight and Sound. Spring 1975.