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Brown Derby

Claude poses for a publicity shot to commemorate the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. 1933.

f for fields

Tintype Claude

Today is the 135th anniversary of Claude’s birth. Above is a tintype from when he was around 20 years. Circa 1900.

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Laughton Copperfield

Claude replaced Charles Laughton in the role of Micawber in David Copperfield after Laughton worked on the film for three days. Halliwell’s Film Guide offers this possibly apocryphal story that Laughton was taken off the film because “he looked as though he were about to molest the child” but the book offers no source for the quote.

Fields Copperfield

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Claude 05

Claude around age 25. Circa 1905.

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Fields and Barrymore

Claude and his pal Jack Barrymore comparing profiles.

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Paris 1904

Claude and his Old Man in Paris. November 1904.

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January 1909

Newspaper ads/illustrations for Claude by Claude.

Above, January 1909.

February 1909

February 1909.

Circa 1909

Circa 1909.

February 1910

February 1910.

September 1912

September 1912.

September 1912 again

September 1912.

October 1912

October 1912.

December 1912

December 1912.

February 1913

February 1913.

March 1913

March 1913.

May 1913

May 1913.

May 1914

May 1914.

June 1914

June 1914.

June 1914 again

June 1914.

f for fields

Grandad Fields 6

Father’s Day: Claude with his grandson, William Claude Fields III. 1943.

Grandad Fields 2

Grandad Fields 3

Grandad Fields 4

Grandad Fields 5

Grandad Fields

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Fields Tivoli

Poster adverting an appearance by Claude at the Tivoli Theater, Cape Town, South Africa. Circa 1905. (And below a detail of an image similar to the one on the poster. Claude used several variations on this design to promote his stage work.)


f for fields

Tammany Young, Charles Sellon (as Mr. Muckle) and Claude in It’s a Gift. Norman Z. McLeod. 1934.