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the graduate

The Graduate

Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross and the side of Norman Fell‘s head in The Graduate. Mike Nichols. 1967.

tabloid tuesday

modern screen 1960


the decorative sex


Brigitte Bardot.

pen to paper

November 1963

I think he might be talking about this. Films and Filming. November 1963.

eyes without a face

Eyes Without a Face

Édith Scob in Les yeux sans visage. Georges Franju. 1960.

dig the critics

Autumn 1981

Sight and Sound. Autumn 1981.

on your sleeve

Dirty Diana

Dirty Diana. Michael Jackson. 1987.

That other dude on the rear cover is Steve Stevens, Billy Idol‘s long time guitarist. He seems to have fit MJ’s idea of rock and roll with all of those buckles and zippers.

Dirty Diana rear