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the canary murder case

the canary murder case

Louise Brooks in The Canary Murder Case. Malcolm St. Clair. 1929.

the decorative sex


Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen. Huston. 1954.

on your sleeve

And Here She Is

And Here She Is. Ann-Margret. 1961.

the decorative sex

Anna Christie

Garbo in Anna Christie. Clarence Brown. 1930.

Grand Hotel

In Grand Hotel. Edmund Goulding. 1932.

Woman Of Affairs

In A Woman of Affairs. Clarence Brown. 1929.

The Kiss

With Anders Randolf in The Kiss. Jacques Feyder. 1929.

Charles Bickford in Anna Christie

With Charles Bickford in Anna Christie. Brown. 1930.


With Robert Taylor in Camille. George Cukor. 1936.

Flesh and the Devil

With John Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil. Brown. 1927.


With John Gilbert in Love. Goulding. 1927.

The Single Standard

With Nils Asther in The Single Standard. John S. Robertson. 1929.

The Temptress

In The Temptress. Fred Niblo. 1926.

Mata Hari

With Lionel Barrymore in Mata Hari. George Fitzmaurice. 1932.

the decorative sex

Julie Christie

Julie Christie in Fahrenheit 451. Truffaut. 1966.

festival time!

Bardot 53

Bardot at the Cannes Film Festival. 1953.

the decorative sex

Ewa Aulin

Ewa Aulin in Candy. Christian Marquand. 1968.

the decorative sex

Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa

Claudia Cardinale in Sandra. Luchino Visconti. 1965.

the decorative sex


Brigitte Bardot.

the decorative sex

Call Her Savage

Clara Bow in Call Her Savage. John Francis Dillon. 1932.