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pen to paper

louise brooks

Letter from the Spring 1958 issue of Sight and Sound. The joke’s on D.J. Ibberson, in the magazine’s very next issue appeared James Card’s appreciation, “The ‘intense isolation’ of Louise Brooks”, which reported on her whereabouts and did much to bring about the end of this perceived conspiracy of silence.

sexploitation and underground


From Films and Filming, August 1969: “A montage of advertisements for sexploitation and underground films which appear regularly in the American underground press.”

polanski had a pretty rotten sunday

I say we let him go.

on your sleeve

Do It Again

Those Were The Days

Baby, Come Back

96 Tears

Gimme Some Lovin

Old Brown Shoe

Some Velvet Morning

A pretty good day record shopping. Various labels’ generic sleeves.

incense and permanent-press

The Raspberry Pocketwatch

Stay tuned for more of these ridiculous 1968 pants ads.

the decorative sex

Stefania Sandrelli in Seduced and Abandoned. Germi. 1964.

Stefania Sandrelli in Il conformista. Bertolucci. 1970.

cute couple alert

Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake. Sullivan’s Travels. Sturges. 1941.

life or death


Poor Napoleon.

two-lane blacktop

James Taylor, Dennis Wilson, Laurie Bird.

Two-Lane Blacktop. Hellman. 1971.

only one year away

I know where I’ll be.