Monthly Archives: May 2011

alex in wonderland

Donald Sutherland in Alex in Wonderland. Paul Mazursky. 1970.

f for orson

Orson and Paul Newman in The Long, Hot Summer. Martin Ritt. 1958.

the decorative sex

Nastassja Kinski in Paris, Texas. Wim Wenders. 1984.

a book by its cover

cover art

Under the Volcano. Huston. 1984.


Academy Cinema screening Les Carabiniers. Autumn 1964.

torn curtain

Paul Newman and Wolfgang Kieling in Torn Curtain. Hitchcock. 1966.

festival time!

Milos Forman with Amos Vogel and Marion Billings at the Fourth New York Film Festival. 1967.

pierrot le fou

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina in Pierrot le fou. Jean-Luc Godard. 1965.

who’s a man that we admire

Guitar hero, extreme record collector and a guy so cool he bothered to write his well-wishes to this Tokyo-based bootleg music DVD shop in Japanese, Thurston Moore.