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cute couple alert

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas. George Sidney. 1964.

f for fields

Tammany Young, Charles Sellon (as Mr. Muckle) and Claude in It’s a Gift. Norman Z. McLeod. 1934.

smooth criminal

Julius Toczlowski

shoot the right profile

Meet Julius Toczylowski, charged with larceny at age 18. Arrested April 29, 1934.

life or death

Brando Godfather

Life mask of Marlon Brando made during production of The Godfather. Coppola. 1972.

record labels

Cold Cuts (Another Early Version). Paul McCartney and Wings. 1987.

West German pressing of the oft-floated but never-realized odds and sods collection that Paul McCartney seems to have fussed over endlessly in the early 80s but never got around to actually putting out. As the parenthetical part of the title suggests, there are a number of different versions of this comp floating around. This one opens its second side with an 11 minute version of Linda’s Wide Prairie. It’s worth seeking out if that’s your thing.

cute band alert

I Want To Break Free

Queen. 1984.

rock shirt

Introducing a new category (with a particularly uninspired title) on rock and roll T-shirt designs. First up, Thurston on Titus.

the sennett days

Ford Sterling

Ford Sterling in His Blighted Career. 1918.

on your sleeve

We Can't Be Stopped

We Can’t Be Stopped. Geto Boys. 1991.