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bay of angels

Jeanne Moreau and Claude Mann in La baie des anges. Jacques Demy. 1963.


ned kelly



Bob Fosse. 1979.

catching up with the chaplins

Chas in the editing room.

george jones is dead

George Jones

Country legend George Jones died today at age 81.

record labels

It's Only Right and Natural

It’s Only Right and Natural. The Frogs. 1989.

museum piece


Piece: Carmencita. Oil on canvas. William Merritt Chase. 1890.

Where: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

way back


Carmencita, First “Vamp” of the motion picture, a music hall favorite of the Naughty-Nineties, in the most daring pose that the press agent for Koster & Bial’s could imagine then.

wadleigh directs

Far out movie-making headband in place, Michael Wadleigh is prepared to direct a cast of thousands. Woodstock. 1970.

richie havens is dead

Richie Havens

Woodstock opener and showstopper Richie Havens died today at age 72.